LISTING YOUR PROPERTY WITH                                   EATON & ASCOT 

 Looking to list and sell your property? See information below. Any futher questions or queries please feel free to give us a call on 3264 6738 and we will be happy to help.

At Eaton&Ascot we not only strive to achieve a premium result for you every time, we also educate you about the industry, your rights, and what to expect during the sales process.

We understand that selling a property can sometimes be an emotional and stressful time. We believe in taking the time to listen to your specific needs and expectations, so that we can customise the selling process to make this a happy selling experience for you.

Our approach is totally honest, direct and straight forward.  We will assess your property, tell you exactly what price we believe you can achieve in the current market, and create a marketing strategy best suited to sell your specific property, whilst achieving the highest possible price.   We will never attempt to buy your listing by giving you an over-inflated selling price, just for the sake of winning the listing.   This only results in unhappy clients and you deserve better than that.


We will always go over and beyond your expectations.

We will always aim to achieve the best possible price for your property.

We will always promptly return your telephone calls.

We will be totally honest and upfront with you in every respect

We will keep you fully up to date at all times.

We do everything we possibly can to make this a positive selling experience for you.

We will listen to you.


  1. Discuss with you and determine the correct selling price to list your property.

  2. Formulate and provide you with a strategy to achieve the best possible price for your property. 

  3. Determine the best form of advertising to attract the right purchaser

  4. Discuss in detail the various options for selling and marketing your property.

  5. Create a marketing program.

  6. Assess and provide you with ideas and tips on how you can best prepare your property to go to market.

  7. Arrange for photography and/or stylist

  8. Prepare other advertising material ( Sign Boards, brochures, invitations to Open House Events) etc.

  9. Advertise your property for sale through the various media and social media outlets and Eaton&Ascot data base.

  10. Organise Open House Events and private inspections

  11. Negotiate on your behalf

  12. Prepare all necessary legal documentation

  13. Co-ordinate Sale inspections (building and pest, finance valuation, swimming pool inspections etc)

  14. Liaise with Solicitors/Conveyancers

  15. Co-ordinate hand-over of property

  16. Guide you through the entire process


When we list your property for sale we want everyone to know about it! When we sit down with you, we will discuss the following matters in order to determine the best way of marketing your property, and customise the selling process, specifically to fit in with your life style and budget.  The choice is yours. We are there simply to explain, offer our expert opinion on the best course of action, and help you through the process.

What type of purchaser is likely to buy your home? 

Existing home owners looking to upgrade or downsize, First home buyer or Investor. We will advise you what we believe is the right type of purchaser for your home.

What is the best form of advertising to attract the right purchaser? 

Internet Advertising (, and various other real estate online advertising portals),  Photography,  Newspaper and/or magazine advertising, Social media advertising, Eaton&Ascot web site & data base advertising, Local marketing tactics. 

Listing your property at the best price;

 We will advise and help you in determining the correct market value for your home. We will provide you with information and evidence of sales similar to your home, in your area, to help determine the price which the market is prepared to pay for your home. There are however two choices in setting a price when marketing your home. Market with a price or Market without a price. 

It is critical to the success of selling your home, that it is priced correctly.  Many owners believe pricing their home for more than they expect to achieve, will protect them from underselling.  However in today’s market, this can hinder enquiries, and lead to having the home sit on the market for a lengthy period of time, resulting in the home being discounted to a lower price than it would have achieved, if it had initially been set at the correct market value. The first few weeks on the market is the best time for a property to attract premium purchasers. 

By pricing your property too high we can miss out on potential purchasers, just as by pricing your home too low, we lose the premium price.  This is where our skills and experience are needed. 

Marketing without a Price

Generally when marketing without a price, enquiries are higher, which increases the chance of finding a premium purchaser, and where there are more than one purchaser interested in the property, this method can greatly assist in achieving a premium price. The choice is yours.

Marketing time frame and the importance of correctly pricing your property.

The best time in any marketing program is in the first 3 -4 weeks.  With most buyers utilising  the internet today, buyers are aware of new listings almost immediately as they come on the market.  Statistics show that once a property is discounted, buyers seldom reconsider that  property, and the main reason for discounting a property is generally because the price set was above market value from the start.   This is why it is so crucial that your home is marketed at the correct price, or without a price.  Otherwise you run the risk of having your home on the market for a lengthy period of time, and ultimately selling for a much lower price than you would have achieved, if property had been priced correctly from the start.


What we will do to get your home sold for the highest possible Price!

In order to achieve top price for your home we need to attract the greatest number of buyers.

This process is as simple as A B C. 

Superior Marketing             More Enquiries

More Enquiries                    More Buyers

More Buyers                        Greater Competition

Greater Competition           High Sale Price

The best and most proven method of achieving a premium price for a property is to have competition.  Where there are more than one or two interested purchasers competing for a property, this pushes up the price.  In order to achieve this, we will recommend the best possible method of presenting and   marketing your property, however the final decisions are up to you.


Most importantly … we never give up! We will maintain our enthusiasm and will keep pushing and promoting your property until a Sale eventuates – and we will always keep you informed of our progress along the way.

Ways to Improve your Property before Listing

  • Repairs: Time and money spent repairing obvious defects is rarely wasted, as buyers want a property that’s in good shape. Check for visible signs of wear, inside and outside your home. Small jobs, such as filling gaps, re-grouting bathroom tiles or sanding and painting windowsills make a big difference to the appearance of your property.

  • Gardens:  In garden beds or decorative pots, healthy plants make a big difference to the way your home looks and feels, so splash out here. Try clumping bamboo for privacy and hanging baskets for a splash of colour. Inside, add a palm tree in the entrance, a weeping fig in the lounge and flowering peace lilies throughout.

  • Soft furnishings: A new set of bed linen, towels and tableware makes any room look fresh and Inviting.

  • Dehumidifier: If it has been raining or you have a problem with damp, invest in a dehumidifier. It will make a huge difference to a musty home and you can take it with you.

  • Painting: If the walls are seriously grubby or dingy, it could be worth spending a few dollars and a weekend slapping a fresh coat of paint on them. Buyers want bright, clean rooms and this gamble may well pay off.

  • Storage: The less furniture, belongings and clutter you have in your home, the more spacious it  appears. If you still have too much after clearing out, put it in storage and live with minimal possessions for the sale period.

  • Staging: Having a home stylist come in and stage your home for sale can be an expense that pays off, especially if you aren’t living in the house at the time. Depending on your budget, a stylist will advise or completely re-decorate in a consistent style, taking into consideration the type of house, the neighbourhood and what buyers want to see. However discuss this with your agent first.


Before you splash out on home improvements, first weigh up the impact. If you replace the doors on kitchen cupboards when the insides are falling apart, buyers will wonder what else you’re covering up. Any major renovations need to actually have an impact on the final sale price, so be careful when going for gold, and remember that interested buyers may not like your aesthetic. Less can be more.


Ultimately, what you spend and where, should depend on the likely return in the current market. Anything you do, needs to result in a higher sale price, otherwise you’ve wasted your time and money.