• Nicole Mizzi

Don't "pull a Griswold" this Christmas and cause a circuit overload from your Christma

It's the silly season, everyone is busy and power boards being overloaded is far too common. This can and does cause fires, something that nobody should ever have to experience. A working Smoke Alarm is a first line of defence.

Here are some handy tips:

  • Always place power boards in well-ventilated areas- The less heat can build up, the better

  • Purchase Power Boards with Overload Protection

  • Make sure extension cords are used temporarily and not placed under rugs or across doorways

  • Don’t pull the cord to unplug something from an electrical outlet. Use the gripping area provided on the plugs. Pulling the cord can damage the cord’s wire and insulation, which can lead to an electrical fire or shock;

  • Don't Connect a power board onto the end of an extension cord- Always plug power boards directly into the wall

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