Over the years Real Estate Agents haven’t exactly had a great reputation in the areas of trust and service. At Eaton&Ascot we believe that anything can be changed for the better, a large part of our motivation is to change the way Real Estate Agents go about their business, so that they can be a trusted figure in their community and provide you with the quality service that you deserve.

Leading by example is the best foundation for change. At Eaton&Ascot, we believe that by being totally honest with you, and providing you with the help and support you need to achieve your property goals, we both come out as winners. We will not mislead you into believing that you can achieve a higher price for your property than you really can, just for the sake of winning the listing. This only leads to lack of trust between you and your agent, and overall disappointment on your part, which is what has led to the lack of trust in Real Estate Agents. Our approach is direct and straight forward. We will tell you exactly how much you can currently achieve for your property, the strategy we need to implement to achieve a better price for your property, and what needs to be done to achieve this. Then it’s up to you to decide what you want to do.   

As a boutique Real Estate Agency, we strive to get to know all our clients, with a view to maintaining a long term relationship with them. We understand that everyone sells for different reasons, and sometimes selling a home can not only be stressful, but a very emotional experience. Similarly when renting your property, there can be many concerns. Is my property going to be well looked after? Is my property going rent easily?  How much rent will I get for my property? Will I be able to inspect my property from time to time?  We believe in taking the time to listen and understand you and your specific needs and expectations, in order to answer all your questions, help you through this process and take the stress factor out of your hands.  



To always exceed your expectations, and provide excellence in service, tailored to meet your specific needs.



Being true to ourselves and others and following through with what we say we will do. 


Always being honest in what we say and what we do. 


Acting in a professional manner and providing a professional service at all times, and accepting the consequence of our actions. 


To be known for our excellence in service and friendly approachable staff.